Fan clutch circuit fault repair

Failure phenomenon

    Special fan clutch said the car engine water temperature is too high and the water temperature is too high, is respectively through the water temperature and water temperature alarm indicator. In the normal condition, the engine coolant temperature should be maintained at about 80. If the water temperature meter shows more than 85 degrees Celsius or water temperature alarm lamp, the radiator in the coolant temperature is too high. The radiator is on the fan fan rotation and the electromagnetic clutch is attracted to the heat. If the water temperature is over 85 DEG C and electromagnetic fan clutch not pull, it shows that this circuit malfunction.


  If the above failure, should be immediately turned off for inspection, check the ignition switch should be turned on.

Special fan clutch said the first check the central electrical control box 23 fuse. If the fuse has been blown, the circuit of the fan is short. Find where (short for the general line insulation failure and ground), and the exclusion of. If the fuse is in good condition, check that the line is free of the circuit or contact with the poor. If there is a failure, should be repaired.

Yu Fan Clutch said without the fault, with a wire the radiator water pipe of the thermal switch wiring terminal short-circuit, at this time if you hear the sound of electromagnetic fan clutch has the attraction, indicating that the thermal switch is damaged; if the electromagnetic fan clutch is not energized, the clutch coil circuit had been burned down, and new electromagnetic fan clutch should be replaced.